NFT & Metaverse Division

The creative lab Art Of Change Studio has founded the
division and is thus entering the world of new media. 

Hall Of Shame is the first rousing
project under their own direction, which will see the light of day in the not too distant future.

allows you and me to dive into a completely unimagined world and create new business opportunities.


The decentralized and thus "democratic" blockchain is a network that makes it possible to make values unique and unforgeable in digital form and to exchange them independently of a central authority. 

The blockchain thereby links digital goods in the form of NFT's with the real world.


Also called a non-fungible token, it is a non-exchangeable digital object that allows digital media such as an image, video, sound and even real estate to be represented as unique. This is secured by a so-called smart contract in the code and irrevocably stored in the blockchain.


The Metaverse also called Metaversum is a virtual space with still unimaginable possibilities in which people will move in the future. Imagine you are not just looking at a website, but you are in the middle of it as a virtual avatar (an artificially generated YOU) and experience these worlds audiovisually through special virtual reality glasses. 

In the future, we will be able to go shopping virtually from anywhere in the world, going through a mall as usual and even receive individual advice in real time. Your virtual avatar will also be supplied with NFT clothing and at the same time you can have it sent analogue to your home. Imagine being able to beam yourself virtually to a certain place from anywhere in the world and meet people from different countries in real time.

The future in the metaverse goes beyond all your limits and imagination.