Art Of Change Studio

We are a studio for brand design and consulting. Driven by creativity and guided strategy, we create brands with future, consistency and optimism. Together we open new perspectives to develop your vision.

Deine Idee - unsere Leidenschaft

Disorientated - wrong focus - scaling problems - no strategy...

We help you and your product with market orientation so that your vision does not remain just an idea.

We love ideas

With us, ideas do not just stay in your head. We take them up and together we develop a suitable concept to implement your project in a value-adding way.


Move forward

It is our passion, whether you are an individual enterprise, a company or a group, to lead you on new paths to successfully bring you and your customers together.


Symbioses are created through adaptation and routines. With sophisticated strategies, we help you to become a part of the whole to create a win-win situation for all involved.

not alone

Even the most beautiful paths have holes. We're here for you if you get stuck. Problems are there to be solved - not to leave them what they are.

Easy and clear

We always strive for simplicity, which is characterized by clarity. This is not always easy, but this is what we are here for.


Your project

As individual as your face is, so is the appearance of your company and products. In order to guarantee the uniqueness of your company we ask you to send us an individual inquiry so that we can make you an offer.

A few questions help us to gain a non-binding and free insight into your project so that we can help you as soon as possible.